Save Money Making Your Home Eco-Friendly With Project Solar’s DIY Service

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As we have said time and time again: the future is electric. However, that doesn’t begin and end with vehicles — every piece of gear and tech you could possibly own will be better for the planet and its inhabitants by switching over from fossil fuels to more sustainable forms of power. And now, you can turn your own home into a solar-powered haven thanks to Project Solar’s Easy Home DIY service.

Traditionally, installing any kind of solar panels was remarkably difficult and expensive — but the folks at Project Solar have simplified the process immensely, so much so that homeowners (with minor guidance and assistance from PS’s dedicated consultants) can perform the installation themselves, and they’re doing it with lower prices than anyone else in the nation. Of course, if you’d rather have professionals come out for a full-service install, they offer that, as well. Apart from that, Project Solar takes care of the rest for you — meaning you don’t have to struggle with getting permits or scheduling inspections — and you can monitor the whole process via the brand’s handy app. Once that’s all handled, you’ll have immediate access to a grid of handsome-looking black-on-black panels that will save you literally thousands of dollars a year on your power needs. And the cherry on top: Project Solar guarantees that their panels will function at 80% or more of their rated power for a whopping 25 years. Truly, turning your home green has never been simpler or more affordable.

Purchase: $1+/watt