Project Lunar Camping Lantern

It’s no secret that the most admired camping gadgets are those that bridge the virtues of functionality and modularity. It’s because, with limited room in either the car or your backpack, space is a highly valued asset that should not by any means be wasted. That appears to be the philosophy behind Project Lunar, a small yet multifunctional lantern fit for the outdoors.

Boasting a sleek design and various colorways, each Project Lunar lantern caters to your specific needs. Whether a soft dinner light is in order, or you’re in need of a handheld flashlight or even a magnet, Project Lunar has you covered. It features an interchangeable light shade to cater to the myriad of atmospheres and preferred uses you may have for the lantern. And with up to 10 days worth of continuous light on a single charge, its waterproof properties, and a USB power bank to charge your tech, it’s safe to say this little light could easily become your new favorite travel buddy. Available now for reservation on Kickstarter with prices starting at $57. [Purchase]