ProGo Propane-Powered Scooter

It’s well-documented that scooters are fun to ride; they’re usually a blast. But venturing past your block on one is usually quite iffy, given their mechanical limitations and society’s frequent snickering at seeing a grown man on a such an underpowered vehicle.

But the ProGo Scooter has a few tricks up its sleeve that might make this a worthy way of getting to work for the urban commuter. For starters, the engine runs on propane, which means a cleaner and quieter operation and is thus EPA and California-approved. It gets two to three hours of runtime and a 30 to 40 mile range on one 16.4 oz. propane tank, and the 25cc, four-stroke engine can get you zipping along up to 20 mph. Disc brakes on the front and back wheels provide solid stopping power, and the whole thing weighs just 35 pounds and is foldable for easy storage. [Purchase]

ProGo Propane-Powered Scooter 1

ProGo Propane-Powered Scooter 2

ProGo Propane-Powered Scooter 3

ProGo Propane-Powered Scooter 5