ProDrone Byrd

The drone space has become highly competitive. There are so many companies in the space, all trying to stand out in one way or another – all to varied success. The Chinese based brand ProDrone, however, has managed to successfully set themselves apart with this easily transportable drone that doesn’t compromising on power or quality.

ProDrone’s Byrd features much of the standard features you’d expect; the ability to follow you and film from the air for 25 minutes, screen sharing for control, and one button take off and landing powered by a strong propulsion system. Along with those solid capabilities, the drone can fold down to the size of a laptop so you can bring it pretty much anywhere and set it up without having to lug along an expensive case to protect it. The brand makes three different versions of this model – the standard, advanced, and premium – and they start at around $160. [Purchase]

ProDrone Byrd 1

ProDrone Byrd 02