ProDesk3D: 3D Desktop Color Printer by BotObjects

ProDesk3D Printer

ProDesk3D PrinterWhile we all have become very aware of the massive trend that is 3D printing, it has been a slow process bringing the technology into our homes. The latest company to take a stab at it is botObjects in their ProDesk3D Color 3D Printer.

Instead of only being able to choose from just a few different colors, this little gadget allows you to print a nearly limitless amount thanks to the implementation of a five-color cartridge system (much like the one found in your current printer at home). The resolution is also stellar, with the ability to print at a resolution of 25 microns, and all of this available in a truly plug and play format made specifically for the home. Still the problem remains in the price. The ProDesk3D printer still has no price tag, but the past ones we’ve featured have still been a bit too pricey for your average consumer. The good news is that the increased competition mixed with the advancement in the technology is driving prices down substantially.