Privacy Pop Bed Tent

While we’d all like to think that our bedrooms offer a place of solitude, sometimes they aren’t. Whether you share a space with roommates, a significant other, or you’ve got children, you know finding a private moment to rest your eyes can be a nigh impossible task. Thankfully, the folks at Privacy Pop know our pain and decided to do something about it. And, fittingly, they called it the Bed Tent.

As the name might suggest, this device transforms any bed into a private canvas shelter. Designed to work in conjunction with your existing setup, this clever device fits snugly between the frame, box spring, or floor and mattress, encompassing the sleeping space – and by proxy, the occupant – inside a light reducing zip-up cocoon of sorts. If a bit of airflow is more important than total privacy, you can also unzip twin mesh windows at the head and foot of the tent. And, when it isn’t in use, this simple-to-setup apparatus collapses down into a small and transportable storage bag. It retails starting at $120. [Purchase]

The Bed Tent 01

The Bed Tent 02

The Bed Tent 03

The Bed Tent 04