Priority Bicycles

There’s a ton of high-end bicycles out there, and then there’s a bunch of big box retailer bikes that may or may not have been made with LEGO pieces. As it turns out, the average person just really wants something simple, comfortable, and dependable to have at their disposal.

Priority Bicycles is doing the Kickstarter thing, looking to give the people what they’re looking for, including a lightweight and rustproof aluminum frame, comfy seat, and three simple gears to choose from. The belt drive means Priority Bicycles are grease-free, maintenance-free, and quietly smooth in motion. The pedal brake will surely revive those childhood memories, while the handlebars are positioned to keep your back upright. $349 gets you everything you need, from the tire pump and kickstand to the water bottle cage and puncture-resistant tires. The first deliveries are expected before Christmas. [Purchase]

Priority Bicycles 1

Priority Bicycles 3

Priority Bicycles 4

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