Priority 600 Pinion Gearbox Bike

The bike chain has long been the staple of the modern man’s bicycle. But Priority bucks that trend, with the help of some truly illustrious vehicle designers, in their latest creation, the Priority 600 Bicycle, equipped with a Pinion Gearbox.

Whether you’re taking it strictly through the bike lane, riding through steep, mud-sunk side roads, or careening through gravel, the Priority 600 bike is built to beat the path. Uniquely built, the Priority de-prioritizes the bike chains to which we’re accustomed, in favor of the auto-inspired transmission 12-Speed Pinion Gearbox. They didn’t come up with this mechanism on their own; Priority actually got some design help from the people over at Porsche. You control the gears with a single simple twist shift, which gets rid of overlap, and offers the rider a yawning 600% gear range, equivalent to a 30-speed bicycle. The Gates Carbon Drive belt provides the smoothest ride out today. The Priority 600 is the fix for any bike-junkie.

Purchase: $2,199