Primus Kinjia Stove

Nothing like a carry along stove to help you cook hot food on the go. Whether at the campsite, a backyard barbecue or tailgate, the new Kinjia Stove by Primus has you covered when the hunger pangs come rolling in again. It’s all possible thanks to the Kinjia’s compact design and Primus’ trusted ingenuity in developing advanced campsite cooking.

When compressed, each Kinjia stove measures 3-inches in height by 11.6-inches in width by 18.7-inches in length. It’s compatible with all three seasons and can feed up to 10 people thanks to its sizable two-burner stove as well. It’s also powered by a smaller and lighter canister that can fit comfortably in a backpack and powers both burners for up to 47 minutes. The Kinjia features a drip stove to keep everything contained and the whole device is easily cleaned thanks to its removable parts as well. So if you’re looking for a camping stove that’s compatible with a transient lifestyle, the Kinjia is a solid option. Available now for $112. [Purchase]

Primus Kinja Stove 1

Primus Kinja Stove 2

Primus Kinja Stove 4