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Dry-Age Steaks At Home With The AI-Enabled ‘Primo Ager’ Smart Meat Locker

Dry-aging meat is a complex process, and though it produces some of the incredibly-rich and tender cuts, dry-aged steaks are typically reserved for elite steakhouses like New York’s Keens and Peter Luger that serve the best meats money can buy. A new product is changing that, however, bestowing traditional at-home dry-aging meat lockers with a host of modern, AI-enabled smart tech and opening dry-aged steaks up to the masses.

Dubbed the “Primo Ager,” the standalone system consists of a 304 stainless steel body (measuring 43.3” H x 21.2” W x23.6” D) with high-density insulation that offers 129-liters of storage space which can accommodate up to 100lbs of meat thanks to the ager’s modular hook and partition rack setup. Inside, the locker boasts an active carbon filter, UV-light, Air Jet booster, and the Primo Smart Evaporative humidity control system — all of which are used to automatically control the system’s moisture, temperature, humidity, and airflow. The locker can also be used to enhance wines and cheeses — a process made incredibly easy thanks to the app’s pre-programmed settings. The Primo Ager is currently available on Indiegogo starting from $1,699 and going up for additional options such as a glass door, carving set, or dry-aging cookbook.

Indiegogo: $1,699+