PrimaLoft Bio Biodegradable Fabric

In case it hasn’t become absolutely apparent, the need for us to protect our outdoor spaces is greater than ever thanks to pollution and climate change (whether you believe in it or not). And there are a few brands helming that movement. PrimaLoft can now count themselves amongst those brands, thanks to their new PrimaLoft Bio biodegradable fabric.

Made in direct response to the increase of microplastics found in our oceans, PrimaLoft Bio was developed so that, if you were to lose bits of fabric from your gear during normal operation — like bits of down sneaking out of your puffer jacket or a piece of your pants tearing off during a craggy hike — it wouldn’t result in pollution. Instead, Bio can biodegrade 100% in only a couple of years (as opposed to hundreds or thousands, as is typical with other materials). And the brand has already gotten some noteworthy partners aboard, including Helly Hansen, L.L. Bean, and Swedish outdoor brand Houdini — whose jacket is pictured above. Hopefully, we’ll start to see some PrimaLoft Bio products popping up over the course of the next year.

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