Preppi Prepster Luxury Survival Kit

Even if you never think anything bad will ever happen to you, it’s good to keep an emergency survival bag, just in case. Most kits, however, are made for the layman and are not suitable for those of us who have gotten used to living the good life. So how’s a well-to-do person expected to weather the apocalypse in comfort? Well, Preppi’s The Prepster luxury survival kit is a good start.

This 2-person pack comes with all of the things you might need to survive for up to 72 hours – like a tent, sleeping bags, food rations, a flashlight, a water filter, and more. But it’s also got some gear that make it especially suitable for the 1% – including night vision goggles, a scented candle, darjeeling tea, caviar, and chocolate. After all, why should you have to sacrifice your lifestyle just because the world is coming to an end? This level of survivalist luxury will cost you $4,995 a piece. But it’s well worth the price once you consider that the alternative is slumming it.

Purchase: $4,995