Prepd Pack Lunchbox

Let’s face it, lunch is the most challenging meal of the day. Mostly because, more often than not, it’s eaten on the run. Be it a quick lunch break during work, pulling off into a drive-through during a day trip, or simply skipping the meal altogether for lack of time. And unfortunately, doing so leads to decreased productivity from fatigue during the back half of the workday. Luckily, the Prepd Pack Lunchbox works to mitigate these issues in a sleek and useful manner.

Each modular lunchbox includes several Tritan containers that fit neatly into both your fridge and the box itself in various combinations to support your diet and meal prepping. The box also doubles as an eating mat once opened and houses a pair of full-sized magnetic cutlery. Also, for those looking to finesse their lunchtime meals, Prepd offers an app for meal planning per week. In addition, users will find the app assists them in everything from meal suggestions to diet plans to even creating a shopping list to make the process as comfortable as possible. Pricing starts at $50. [Purchase]

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