Predator Berserker Motorcycle Helmet

If you’re doubtful about the coolness of your motorcycle helmet, check out the Predator Berserker Helmet, an undeniably cool helmet that demands the attention of onlookers.

At its heart, it contains a fully-functional HJC TR-1 helmet that has been safety certified, so, most importantly, it’ll help protect you as intended. But on top of that, NLO-MOTO has designed a helmet that models Predator, containing 17 durable thick dreads made of foamed rubber. It offers better visibility than non-original Predator helmets from other manufacturers. Each helmet can be outfitted with Fangs of Predator, with seven different styles of fangs available, and the helmet can be engraved with “real” scars, and up to three columns of symbols on top. There are also nine different paint jobs that are offered to buyers for the ultimate customizeable experience. If the helmet doesn’t get people to ask for a picture within seven days of wearing it, the company will refund the customer’s money. It’s available now starting at $890. [Purchase]