NES Zapper Glock by Precision Syndicate

Anyone who remembers the good old Nintendo days probably remembers Duck Hunt, one of the console’s more popular game titles. What was groundbreaking about Duck Hunt, however, wasn’t necessarily the game itself but the controller used to play the game. Known as the NES Zapper Gun, the controller introduced gamers to one of the first installations of the arcade-style games for the home. In fact, it was so revolutionary that it just used as a motif for a fully-functional modified Glock handgun.

Developed as a custom modification, the gun was crafted by Texas-based machine prototyping company Precision Syndicate. Soon after releasing images to their Facebook page, the small business received hordes of messages ranging from people arguing the sensibilities for producing such a firearm to serious inquiries about how to purchase the item. Unfortunately, if you fall into the latter of these two groups, Precision Syndicate announced that this piece will never be mass produced for purchase. We’ll leave it up to you to determine if that’s a good or bad thing.

NES Zapper Glock by Precision Syndicate 2