Powerbreather Sealed Snorkel

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Powerbreather Sealed SnorkelWhen looking for ways to stay in shape there are few things we love more than hitting the gym pool to swimming a few laps.

It’s pretty typical that as your body fatigues during your swimming session you become tired and short of breath, finding yourself coming to the surface much more often than you would like. This can be quite a nuisance when focusing on your workout due to the amount of pressure and strain placed out your neck. It goes without saying that this will interfere with your workout. Well the Powerbreather Sealed Snorkel looks to solve this issue, allowing a swimmer to remain submersed during their entire workout. Fresh air is inhaled through a backpressure valve behind the head, while a second back pressure valve pushes out exhaled air. Powerbreather is also constructed in such a way that no water can intrude, helping you stay focused on your workout.

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