Powerbomb Portable Charger

External batteries are pretty boring. Sleek, silvery, and thin, just about every single one of them looks like they were rough drafts stolen from one of Apple’s design labs. Rohul Shirbhate, a product designer from New Bombay, India, has exploded that stodgy design strategy with his Powerbomb Charger.

Shaped like a hand grenade, this little device can hold up to 13000mAh, enough charge to juice up your iPhone six times over. Even with the unorthodox design, the Powerbomb has all you could want from a battery pack. With light indicators that let you know how much energy the device has stored, and a simple and intuitive USB charging port – you’ll never have to watch your devices power down again. While it doesn’t look like this is for sale at the moment, keep an eye out, it could burst out of the design phase any time.

Powebomb Charger 3

Powerbomb Charger 1

Powerbomb Charger 2