See A Solar Eclipse From Antarctica Aboard This 23-Day Cruise

Though not quite a once-in-a-lifetime experience, total solar eclipses are rare enough that people come from far and wide to gaze upon the stellar event. But there’s one in 2021 that very few folks will have a chance to see, as it occurs over the ocean off the coast of Antarctica. However, a few truly intrepid travelers will have the best seat in the house thanks to Poseidon Adventures’ Solar Eclipse Cruise.

The expedition is not simply an out-and-back to see the eclipse, however, with 23 full days of time on the company’s M/V Sea Spirit ship included in the experience. Disembarking from the southern tip of Argentina, the trek will take passengers out to the Falkland Islands, around South Georgia, through an ideal section of the ocean for eclipse viewing, past the South Orkney Islands, and back to Argentina. In that time, other activities will include a number of potential wildlife encounters (like dolphin- and whale-watching), a visit to the final resting place of Ernest Shackleton, and even the chance to go ashore on Antarctica itself. Of course, the price is a big hurdle, as tickets start at $18,395 per person.

Purchase: $189