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Porsche & Boeing Are Building Personal Luxury Sports VTOL Aircraft

Most forward-thinking automotive companies are putting their focus into electric power — which makes perfect sense, as it’s certainly the next big step. But a brand like Porsche, founded in 1931, has been around long enough to realize that they need to look even further ahead. That’s likely why they’ve brokered a partnership with Boeing to create the personal VTOL aircraft of the future.

Obviously, the idea of a flying car has been around longer than The Jetsons — meaning it’s hardly a new idea. And there are even modern start-ups that have dipped their toes into the possibilities. But never before have two brands as powerful and influential as Porsche and Boeing come together on a project like this one, created to “develop [a] new urban air mobility ecosystem.” In short, the two brands intend to work together to create luxury sports cars that can fly. And while their limited concept renderings leave much to be desired, the possibilities have got us chomping at the bit for more information. Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait until there is some more concrete information — potentially until closer to 2025.

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