Porsche Unveils A Suite Of Exclusive Never-Before-Seen Concept Cars

For every concept car that makes its public debut, there are countless others that never see the light of day. Whether they’re impossibly impractical or flawed in their futurism, for one reason or another they get the axe, indefinitely shelved until they’re forgotten. Sure, some do surface from time to time, but for the most part, they’re kept under lock and key.

In a highly unexpected move, Porsche has decided to pull the wraps off not just one but 15 different concept cars for its new book “Porsche Unseen.” Among the more notable vehicles is a road-legal version of its Le Mans racer known as the 919 Street. Built around the same dimensions and wheelbase as the LMP1 race car, it was to feature a carbon monocoque and an 890hp hybrid drivetrain. But that’s not all — Porsche also unveiled a Vision Spyder concept inspired by the 1954 550-1500 RS Spyder replete with mid-engine radiator grills, red graphics, and fins on its rear haunches. Last but not least is a curious vehicle dubbed the “Renndienst.” Intended to be a family-friendly van concept with room for up to six, it was to have a central driver’s seat and an all-electric drivetrain. You can buy it for $80.

Purchase: $80