Porsche Teases Its EV Taycan Shooting Brake In A Muddy Video Showcase

Porsche first unveiled the Mission E Cross Turismo concept at the Geneva Motorshow back in 2018 — almost a year before the Taycan it was based on would even begin assembly. Since that time, the Stuttgart-based automaker has slowly but surely strung us along with updates throughout the platform’s development, first confirming its production intent and then exciting our anticipation with some camouflage-clad spy shots.

Unfortunately, the Taycan Cross Turismo production car still has yet to be officially unveiled. However, the good news is that Porsche is willingly demonstrating its driving abilities for the public — just check out the video below. As far as performance goes, everything is speculation at this point, but it’ll likely feature the same 522hp dual-motor setup as the Taycan 4S, with hotter Turbo variants to follow further down the line. That being said, Porsche has confirmed that the Cross Turismo sports updated air suspension for extra ground clearance as well as a CUV-specific driving mode for improved off-road stability. Pricing has yet to be announced, but you can expect more details in the coming months.

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