You Can Now Design A Custom Livery For Your Favorite Porsche

Across Porsche’s illustrious racing history, their vehicles have been adorned with some pretty spectacular liveries. Unfortunately, few of those have ever been made available to the public — outside of aftermarket customization, that is. Now, however, the brand has announced their Second Skin program — an online configurator that will allow you to apply the livery of your choice to the Porsche sports car of your choice.

Vinyl wraps are certainly nothing new in the car world, but the fact that the German marque is offering it as a custom option themselves is especially enticing. And with legendary colorways that include five versions of the famed Martini Racing livery, a Gulf Oil-style orange-and-blue, and a bevy of others — as well as availability on four different models — this is a tough prospect to pass up for any future Porsche owners. Furthermore, while there are a number of preset options, the brand is also promising even more in the future — including previously unavailable colorways from the archives, artists, design studios, and more.

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