Porsche GTT 115 Hybrid Superyacht

Known for their high-performance luxury vehicles, German automotive manufacturer Porsche now looks to start dabbling in the business of superyachts. It’s the result of a collaboration between the company’s design house – Studio F.A. Porsche – and Monaco-based superyacht builder Dynamiq.

The project, dubbed the GTT 115, is projected by both brands to serve as “the modern gentleman’s superyacht,” which is saying a lot considering the handful of other options out there. So, what makes this project so special? Well, for starters the GT 115 utilizes the latest technology to reach a cruising speed of over 21 knots and with efficient fuel consumption can traverse over 3,400 nautical miles without needing to refuel. Additionally, the 115-foot beauty is finished in a sleek Rhodium Gray metallic paint job, comes complete with a luxuriously plush interior and is slated to make its official debut at the upcoming Monaco Yacht Show where we’re sure more details will be made public. So far, only 7 GT 115 yachts are slated for production and are set to feature a listing price of over $16 million.

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