Porsche Design & PUMA Celebrate The 911 Turbo With ‘Icons Of Fast’ Capsule

Porsche’s well-rounded (and sometimes overambitious) lineup of vehicles has helped to make it one of history’s premier automotive manufacturers, with a handful of lauded designs spanning the generations. Perhaps its most important model, however, is the 911 Turbo — the centerpiece for the brand’s newest co-branded collection alongside PUMA.

The Porsche x PUMA “Icons Of Fast” sneaker capsule is an expansive homage to one of the German manufacturer’s most beloved platforms. The 911 Turbo, which debuted in 1975, has become a world-renowned staple of the outfit, making it an attractive (and obvious) choice for use within the heritage-inspired footwear collection. Following five decades — and over eight generations — of speed, sound, and seduction, the car has accrued its own collection of lauded variants, resulting in an array of period-specific paint colors, body styles, and aerodynamic layouts. As such, PUMA has decided to capitalize on the intricacies of each individual car, including the likes of Porsche’s Type 930 3.0 L (and 3.3 L), Type 964, 993, 996, 997, 991, 992, and Speedcat, for its unique Future Rider silhouette. Each limited-edition sneaker offering will adopt the same recognizable colors as its donor, celebrating the manufacturer’s most captivating generations. This limited collection has already sold out via the company’s website, but a handful of lucky buyers will get a second chance to purchase their favorite pair on November 17th. Head to Porsche Design’s website for more info.

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