Porsche Design Huawei Mate RS

For the most part, collaborations between phone makers and car companies fall flat. For whatever reason, the combination of the two just hasn’t beared all that much fruit over the years. The new Porsche Design Huawei Mate RS, however, defies this rule of thumb and proves itself to be both incredibly attractive and capable.

The phone features smooth, curved edges reminiscent of a high-end sports car as well as a deep, attractive black coloring. But this phone has more than just looks. It features not two, but three Leica cameras that capture images in 40, 20, and 8 megapixels. The phone itself is run by a Kirin 970 chipset, has 6GB of RAM, and 256 GB of internal flash memory. And for unlocking the phone? Huawei put a fingerprint reader beneath its 6-inch OLED display along with one on the back. Sure, it’s not quite facial recognition, but the end result is still just as clean.

Purchase: $1,915+