You Can Now Customize Your Very Own Watch Through Porsche Design

There’s no denying that Porsche Design’s premium style offerings are the crux of the brand’s fashionable presence within the menswear space, but what makes the company truly special is its timepieces. Among these iconic, wrist-worn accessories, the Chronotimer Series 1 stands apart, thanks to its no-frills design, dependable functionality, and unquestionable elegance. Now, the brand is gifting the Series 1 (and prospective buyers) with a bespoke customization suite, allowing for unparalleled personalization.

The new Porsche Design Custom Watch Program brings the 42mm-wonder into its ranks and allows users to choose between either a glass-bead-blasted natural titanium case or a shadowy, all-black titanium variant. Of course, it wouldn’t be a true customization program without the ability to fashion the watch’s dial, ring color, and hands to your heart’s content. That’s why Porsche Design has introduced over 300 different band options, as well as a handful of unique color and finish options for buyers, alongside a precise WERK 01.100 automatic movement, which mimics the company’s recognizable rotor designs. Sadly, the custom watch program won’t make its way to the shores of the UK and US until September 1, giving you ample time to ponder over your watch’s one-of-a-kind color scheme.

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