Porsche Tops Off Its Taycan EV Lineup With A Pair Of Full-Suspension eBikes

As the automotive industry rushes to resolve its sustainable future, many manufacturers are looking to alternative means of transport in order to flesh out their existing offerings. In the past, it’s largely been limited to quirky scooters and other two-wheeled monstrosities, but as e-bikes have grown increasingly popular over the past few years, automakers are beginning to see the writing on the wall.

Just take Porsche, for instance. In the wake of its hotly-anticipated Taycan Cross Turismo unveil, the Stuttgart-based performance car specialist has released a range of electric bicycles intended to cater towards urban mobility. Available in both ‘eBike Sport’ and ‘eBike Cross’ flavors, they were each developed with a different riding environment in mind. In practice, this means that the former comes equipped with a Shimano EP8 motor, some integrated Supernova M99 LED lights, as well as a set of smooth-running tires, making it ideal for spirited rides on the street. And when it comes to the latter, Porsche has given it a set of high-performance Magura-MT Trail disc brakes, a wide-ranging 12-speed Shimano XT drivetrain, and an adjustable Highline seatpost from Crankbrothers — a combination perfect for shredding singletrack. They’re available now, starting at $9,500.

Purchase: $9,500+