The Porsche 988 Vision Is An Elegantly-Aggressive Hypercar

Porsche’s affluence in the realm of mid-engine mayhem can only be described as minimal; though, the company has remained relevant in the genre thanks to the undeniable versatility of its 911 flagship. While the GT2 and GT3 RS have done more than enough to stand up to the manufacturer’s mid-engine counterparts, we’d be lying if we alluded that the German outfit shouldn’t entertain the idea of a more pronounced and aggressive hypercar-like design. That being said, the Porsche 988 Vision concept — created by designers Colorsponge and Invisive — has just made our wildest dreams come true.

The Porsche 988 Vision is a striking illustration of what a mid-engined platform from Germany’s leading automotive manufacturer might look like. From the car’s beautifully-crafted front wheel arches and sleek, aerodynamic cabin, all the way to its form-fitting LED headlights, the vehicle boasts a design terminology that’s succinctly Porsche, enamoring onlookers with a blissful marriage of subtlety and poise. On the 988’s exterior, rear-view cameras replace the car’s traditionally-applied mirrors, giving it the decidedly futuristic appearance. If Porsche’s rumored mid-engine project ends up looking half as good as this, the iconic company might just win us over for good.

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