ILOVEDUST Marks 17 Years With A Cheeky, Bespoke Porsche 964 Turbo Safari

Headquartered out of offices in England’s Southsea and Brighton, ILOVEDUST is a renowned British design firm founded in 2003. Now comprised of more than 30 staffers, ILD boasts a wildly impressive resume that includes working with some of the world’s biggest brands and celebrities. And with the company now celebrating its 17th anniversary, ILOVEDUST has opted to mark the occasion with a bespoke liveried Porsche 964 Turbo build.

The ‘90s era 911 and its wide bodywork and pronounced tail have been adorned in a matte, monochromatic black livery decorated front to back in names of individuals and companies that ILOVEDUST has worked with printed in a contrasting matte white, such as Run The Jewels, Nike Jordans, Riot, BEATS headphones, Beyoncé, Redbull, Tombstone, KITH, Xbox, and Kid Robot, to just to name a few. Instead of using these outfits’ and individuals’ ordinary branding, however, ILD has treated each included brand to a customized logo, all of which takes inspiration from vintage racing logos such as those from TAG Heuer, Pirelli, Bridgestone, Shell, Champion, Bosch, Goodyear, Texico, and Gulf Oil, among others. In addition to beefy off-road tires, the 964 has also been gifted a roof rack that now accommodates a jerry can, spare tire, and several other off-roading essentials.

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