ACRONYM & Bisimoto Are Giving The Porsche 935L A Full-Electric Redux

Porsche introduced the 935 in 1976 as a race-ready variant of the 930. With each iteration, the homologation-spec vehicle became increasingly aggressive in both appearance and performance. So, while it started out looking much like the road-going car, it ended production with a sharp slantnose front fascia and a large Le Mans-style tail — a combination that earned it the nickname ‘Moby Dick.’

In collaboration with ACRONYM co-founder and designer Errolson Hugh, California-based Porsche specialist Bisimoto is giving the 935L a 21st-century update. Dubbed the ‘Moby X,’ the car will be a replica based on a 930 and feature a design penned by the prolific concept artist Khyzyl Saleem. At the front, you’ll find that it looks much the same as its namesake, albeit with a subtle facelift that includes aerodynamic LED headlights and some extensions to the skirts. Around the sides, the theme continues, with the low-slung roof-line flowing into a wonderfully reworked rear-end. Sure, it loses the massive wing of the actual 935L, but the Gurney Flap that Saleem’s replaced it with accentuates its curves that much more. And while the rest of the details at this stage are limited — it’s still under development — this we do know: it’s going to be electric.

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