Porsche’s 515HP 911 RSR Is Ready To Dominate The Race Track

Since 2017, the Porsche RSR has garnered the German marque a whopping 20 class wins in the FIA WEC. Shockingly, however, the brand’s engineers still saw plenty of room for improvement. So they took the race car back to the drawing board and reworked it into the beastly 2019 Porsche 911 RSR you see before you.

The biggest change to the previous iteration of this vehicle can be found under the hood — the naturally-aspirated flat-six engine has been bumped up from 4.0- to 4.2-liters, making this the highest-capacity engine ever mounted inside a Porsche 911 “ex-works.” That powerplant is now capable of producing up to 515 horsepower and offers better driveability than its predecessor. To mate with the engine, the RSR also features a revamped exhaust system with dual side exhausts that are lighter and more aerodynamic. The engineers at Weissach also tweaked and fine-tuned the aerodynamics of the vehicle in the Porsche wind tunnel. Of course, the body is still built out of carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic and the body panels can be quickly swapped for improved pit stop efficiency. This speedster is set to dominate the track this September and the customer-ready version should be available sometime in 2020.

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