Porsche Refreshes Its 515HP 911 RSR Race Car With A Coca-Cola Livery

Porsche and their racing team have a long history of legendary liveries on their track-ready cars. And one of those legendary liveries was created in partnership with soda-making giant Coca-Cola. Now, the two brands are pairing up once again on this year’s 911 RSR race car.

For those who are unfamiliar, Porsche and Coca-Cola actually have quite a history of working together — more specifically, Porsche’s iconic 917K from 1986, which won the Sebring 12-hour that year, featured the pop brand’s signature red-and-white styling. Even more interestingly, this new collaboration is making its debut at the Petit Le Mans race in Atlanta on the Road Atlanta racetrack, which was financed by Coca-Cola and is in the city the brand calls home. Honoring the 50th anniversary year of the International Motor Sports Association, this refreshed RSR is ready to line up on the grid and dominate the track.

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