Porsche 911 70th Anniversary Speedster Concept

Way back in 1948, The original Porsche 356 ‘No. 1’ Roadster received its operating permit. From that moment, the German automotive manufacturer would become one of the most important and influential ever to grace this Earth. Now, they’re celebrating 70 years of operation with this special edition 911 Speedster concept car.

In classic Porsche fashion, this 2-door sports car is absolutely stunning. And while it features the same styling cues that clearly place it alongside the brand’s best offerings, it also has plenty of unique features, as well. For instance, it features a custom-made carbon fiber ‘double bubble’ behind the seats with a specially branded transparent plexiglas wind deflector. Similarly, the signature bucket seats are made from carbon fiber, though the upholstery and accents are all done in Aniline leather in a color called ‘Cognac 356’ – a throwback to the brand’s heritage. The Speedster also lacks A/C, a stereo, and navigation; that way you can focus on what’s really important: the road ahead. With a six-cylinder flat engine capable of 500 horsepower, this is a driver’s car through and through.

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