Khyzyl Saleem Unveils A Slammed, Lowered, & Flared Porsche 356A

Based in Guildford, Surrey, Khyzyl Saleem is unequivocally one of the world’s most celebrated automotive designers and concept artists, with a wildly impressive portfolio that includes commissions from a slew of major manufacturers, celebrity clients, and AAA game studios, just to name a few. And while Saleem is certainly no stranger to working with Porsche-based projects — having put his idiosyncratic spin on numerous 911s — the “Kyza” had never previously tackled the Stuttgart brand’s iconic 356 model, at least not until now.

Saleem has taken the mid-century model and bestowed it with his signature lowered and stanced aesthetic, along with some visual inspiration from Porsche’s 964 Carerra RSR such as dramatically flared fenders and a neo-retro interpretation of a classic “whale tail” spoiler with an integrated rear deck-lid. A chopped windshield and deep-dish five-spoke wheels add a bit of modern flair without overly compromising the 356’s aesthetic DNA. While markedly more understated than the majority of Saleem’s work, the self-taught concept artist’s 356A project undeniably represents a less-is-more ethos, though is by no means any less impressive than any of his previous projects. To see more of Khyzyl Saleem’s Porsche 356A you can check out the artist’s Instagram page linked below.

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