This Smart Guitar Pairs Built-In LEDs & A Simple App To Teach You How To Play

Back in 2017, PopuBand Music launched the Populele, an instrument intended to teach users how to play the Ukelele using a series of LED lights embedded in the neck. Connected to the PopuBand smartphone app, the Populele had people practicing within minutes of setup. Now, PopuBand is back, but this time it’s with an instrument they’re calling the PopuTar.

Much like the PopuLele, the PopuTar relies on a combination of lights and smartphone connectivity in order to teach popular songs. Featuring 96 LEDs located along the length of the guitar’s neck, the PopuTar shows users where and when to place their fingers on the frets. When paired with PopuBand’s app, it unlocks an entire teaching system made up of games and tutorials. Divided into four parts, there’s a section for music theory, classic and modern pop songs, follow-along playing, as well as a final open mode. Only upon completion of a song with a certain degree of proficiency will the student be able to move onto the next level. Featuring a top made from spruce and a back and sides made from mahogany, it’s available in natural wood and black finishes. You can back it today from $259.

Indiegogo: $259+