Polymega Modular HD Retro Game Console

With retro gaming on the rise, it seems like new throwback consoles are popping up every day. And that makes it really hard for new releases to stand out against the crowd. The Polymega, however, has no such trouble, as this new retro console boasts some truly unique and impressive features.

As is claimed on the Polymega site, this is the world’s first modular HD retro gaming console. What that means is it features a crisp and clean 1080p high-definition output, regardless of the video game you’re playing. It also means, with the proper modular addition (what the brand calls “Supported Element Modules”), this console is designed to play games from NES, SNES, Genesis, TurboGrafx-16, and more. In fact, it also has a CD drive that works with any disc-based games (PS1, Sega CD, Neo Geo CD, etc.) without any additional setup – just pop it in and play. You can even stream games directly to your TV from their online database and share videos and photos to social media. Furthermore, it comes with a single Bluetooth controller, but the modules also support classic wired controllers. Honestly, this might be the most comprehensive retro console we’ve ever seen.

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