Polygons Flat Measuring Spoon

You don’t have to cook all that much to know how annoying it is to have to rifle around your drawers in order to find the right sized measuring spoon. Yeah, sure. You may have the tablespoons, but where are your teaspoons? Now, thanks to Polygons Design, you can have all of the measuring utensils you want in two flat measuring spoons.

Thanks to a number of thermoplastic hinges running along the polypropylene bodies of these measurement tools, you can simply grab up either the tablespoon or teaspoon at exactly the size you want. Not only does this design make the spoons easy to store and cut down on the number of things you have in your drawer, but they’re also easier to clean than most spoons (no more surprise spurts of water while washing them in the sink) and due to their flat resting state – you can get more precise measurements by scraping off excess oils into your bowl. Upgrade your kitchen for $12. [Purchase]

Polygons Flat Measuring Spoon 0

Polygons Flat Measuring Spoon 1