Polydrops’ EV-Friendly Solar Teardrop Trailer Is Finally In Production

Back in 2017, the folks at Polydrops introduced the world to a revolutionary sustainability-focused teardrop trailer that we immediately fell in love with. The only problem: it was an extremely limited edition model. Thankfully, however, the brand is back with a production version of that same camper, now called the P17A.

Let’s just get this out of the way: yes, it looks like Tesla’s Cybertruck. However, the angular exterior is only one of the highlights of this bad boy. It also boasts a solar power system that can power the whole electronic system (including the onboard A/C) for 6+ days straight, a Timbren independent suspension system, onboard storage and a sound system, etc. But perhaps the coolest thing is that, when paired with an EV, this trailer can actually increase a vehicle’s range — which they tested by driving it 400 miles behind a 2018 Tesla Model 3 Long Range. If you own an EV and you’re in need of the perfect trailer to accompany it, you can order the Polydrops P17A now for $24,990.

Purchase: $24,990