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Polestar’s Precept All-Electric GT Shows Off Sustainability & AI Tech

It wasn’t that long ago that Polestar, the former in-house tuning brand for Volvo, announced that they were going all-electric. But it definitely looks like the Swedish car manufacturer is right on track, as they’ve just unveiled a new ride called the Polestar Precept.

Unfortunately, the Precept four-door grand tourer is just a concept at this stage — but it does illustrate some of the styling and technology that’s driving Polestar into the future. That includes (perhaps obviously) a sleek minimalist exterior, a fully-electric powertrain (performance figures have yet to be unveiled), and a comprehensive deletion of traditional mirrors and a rear window in favor of a suite of front and rear cameras and sensors — a LiDAR rig on the roof and the brand’s SmartZone (a sensor array) in place of a traditional grille amongst them. The tech stretches inside the vehicle, as well, where Polestar has installed an Android-powered, Google AI-assisted HMI (human-machine interface). Polestar even went so far as to integrate sustainability, crafting seats from recycled PET bottles, utilizing recycled cork vinyl in bolsters and headrests, and even crafting carpets from recycled fishing nets. Whether the Precept makes it to production or not, Polestar’s future is looking bright.

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