Polestar Highlights EV Sports Cars’ Thrilling Nature with a Roadster Concept

Photos: Polestar

With more than 400hp and nearly 500ft-lbs of instantaneous torque on tap, there’s no doubt that the Polestar 2 packs a seriously high-performance EV powertrain. However, with a four-door crossover configuration weighing more than 2.3 tons, Polestar hasn’t been able to fully capitalize on the platform’s performance prowess. Wanting to highlight the objectively thrilling and cutting-edge nature of electric sports cars, the Swedish marque has taken its flagship vehicle platform and used it to craft a sleek all-electric roadster concept known as the Polestar O₂.

Borrowing the existing design language from the Polestar Precept, the roadster boasts a futuristic bonded unibody design that’s made from an amalgamation of different grades of anodized aluminum. What’s more, Polestar grades and labels each type of aluminum it uses, allowing for a much more efficient recycling process. Also taking visual cues from the world of aerospace design, the O₂ concept is devoid of front or rear spoilers and instead generates ample downforce using an advanced aero kit that’s been worked into the body, more specifically in the wheel arches and in the rear lights — the latter of which serves double duty, acting as air blades.

Pieced together using materials that require zero separation, waste, or loss of properties, the interior of the two-seater was also created with a major focus on both luxury and sustainability, with a plush cabin that utilizes woven flax panels, 3D knit upholstery, and other sustainable material innovations including a recycled polyester thermoplastic plastic mono-material being used for all of the interior’s soft components such as foam, adhesive, 3D-knit fibers, and non-woven lamination. Leaning into the brand’s state-of-the-art identity, Polestar has also bestowed the high-performance roadster with a removable hardtop roof and a deployable onboard drone that can autonomously record the vehicle in videos that can be viewed and edited in the cabin of the concept while parked.

While Polestar has yet to announce any intentions of putting the concept car into production, the firm has revealed that it plans on releasing a trio of new models over the next three years — one of which, with any luck, will bear a striking resemblance to the O₂ roadster.

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Photo: Polestar
Photo: Polestar
Photo: Polestar