Polestar 1 Performance Hybrid

Volvo is not a brand that usually comes to mind when the conversation is about performance vehicles. And they’re still not, although this gorgeous coupe is the closest they’ve ever come. That’s because it comes from their former in-house tuning brand Polestar – into which they have invested quite a bit of money. It’s called, simply, the Polestar 1.

This sporty 2-door boasts an impressive 600 horsepower and 737 foot-pounds of torque – made even more impressive by the fact that it’s actually a hybrid. That’s right, this car runs partially on electric power. In fact, it has an all-electric mode which can go up to 93 miles on a single charge, which sets the distance record for all-electric hybrid operation. Little other info has been released on this particular car, but the brand does plan to release another, smaller vehicle called the Polestar 2 in 2019 – which will be Volvo Car Group’s first all-electric release. And every vehicle they release thereafter will also be fully-electric.

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