Polartec’s Innovative Power Air Fabric Tech Is Now 100% Recyclable

Polartec’s revered fabrics weren’t built overnight. Through years of relentless innovation, testing, and dependable use, the company has fostered a reputation within the outdoor community as one of its most valuable proprietors — and now, the company has announced a 100% recyclable Power Air technology for a new generation of wearers.

Last year, Polartec debuted its Power Air fabric technology alongside cutting-edge garments from the likes of Houdini, Adidas, Burton, and NOBULL, calling upon lofted fibers encapsulated within a multilayer, continuous yarn fabric construction to promote unparalleled heat retention and thermal efficiency. To achieve peak core and body temperature regulation, the fabric was formulated to shed five times less fibers than its counterparts, setting a standard for outdoor-oriented, cold-weather garments. Now, the fabric has taken on a more sustainable role through a 100% recyclable constitution, resulting in a lighter, more refined iteration to work in tandem with the company’s recycled Polartec Power Fill insulation. The new fabric makes its debut in a handful of Houdini’s 2020 releases, including its Houdini Mono Air Half-Zip, and Houdi.

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