Turn Smartphone Images Into Real Photos With The Polaroid Lab

There’s something more special about a tangible photo, which is why instant cameras will never fade away. But why lug around an inconvenient print-ready camera when you can use your phone? The Polaroid Lab allows you to print photos right from your smartphone, acting as a compact darkroom for home.

Snap away with your smartphone, and when you get back to headquarters, choose the photo you want to develop and place the phone facing downward on the Polaroid Lab platform. When you press the red print button, the device projects your selected image onto film and creates an instant photo that ejects in a short amount of time. You can print single photos and even experiment with augmented reality figures and collages. Don’t let your memories be buried in a file on your smartphone or computer, let them live through a physical print and share them with friends and family. The Polaroid Lab will be available on October 10 for $130.

Purchase: $130