Polaroid Onestep 2 Camera

In February of 2008, 49 years after it was founded, Polaroid filed for bankruptcy. The rise of digital photography and camera phones had all but made instant-film obsolete. But that wasn’t the end of Polaroid. A dedicated group of photographers and business people got together with a mission to save the company along with the cameras and film they produced. The OneStep 2 i-Type Camera is the fruit of their labor.

Produced in celebration of the 80th anniversary of the company, this updated version of the classic OneStep camera has everything that people loved about the original and more. It features the same simple point and shoot mechanism that made it famous in the first place, but with a much longer battery life (2-months) and an integrated flash. The camera takes both 600-series and I-Type film, and comes in either black or white. These are available for purchase now but won’t ship until October 16th.

Purchase: $100