Polaroid’s Now i-Type Is A Vintage-Style Instant Camera With Modern Autofocus

Over the last half-decade Polaroid has released numerous “i-Type” instant cameras, calling on modern technology and a body and design based on one of the iconic company’s vintage camera models from 1977. And Polaroid is now introducing yet another member of its i-Type lineup with the addition of the Polaroid Now.

The Now sports a revised take on the previous i-Type’s body, implementing rounded edges and a circular flash and viewfinder. Like the previous models, the Now uses Polaroid’s i-Type film packs, though the new version has been stripped of its Bluetooth functionality. Further distinguishing it from its predecessor — which lets its user manually swap between portrait and landscape modes — the Now model utilizes an autofocus setup that switches between a 35 and 40mm lens depending on the subject’s distance. The Now also gets a new LED digital numerical display on the back, denoting how many of the i-Type film pack’s eight shots are left. Charged via a Micro-USB port, the Now’s battery is reportedly good for shooting a full 15 packs of film before needing a recharge. Offered in seven different color schemes, the Polaroid Now i-Type Instant Camera has been priced at $100 — a good deal less than the outgoing model’s $160 MSRP.

Purchase: $100