Polaroid Cube Lifestyle Action Camera

Not everyone is bungee jumping off Mount Rushmore or kite surfing over sharks, so therefore, not everyone needs a high-end action camera to capture their daring exploits. Polaroid is looking to tap into a more casual market with its new Polaroid Cube.

With a 6MP CMOS sensor and the ability to capture 1080p HD via its 124° wide angle lens, this colorful little fellow looks great for stuffing in your pocket and pulling it out when the axction starts going down. The Cube is water resistant up to 2 meters, and the durable rubber exterior is designed to take punishment and keep on bouncing back. The built-in battery can go for up to 90 minutes. The accessories include a number of mounts to choose from, including s monkey-shaped one. That’s our fave. [Purchase]

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