Polar’s Ignite Fitness Watch Is A Digital Coach That Improves Your Health

Introducing advanced technology into your fit lifestyle will allow you to crush your workout goals and evolve efficiently. With the Polar Ignite Fitness watch, you’ll benefit from top-tier tech to analyze every facet of your workouts and level of health to shape yourself into a superior, balanced athlete.

You’ll benefit from the watch’s FitSpark training guide that offers ready-made workouts to match your recovery, readiness, and overall fitness, preventing you from burning out. It also provides you with an automatic workout log, sleep tracking, integrated GPS functionality, and advanced wrist-based heart rate tracking with Precision Prime sensor fusion technology. The Ignite watch also has Sleep Plus Stages sleep tracking to assist you in getting a good night’s sleep so you can recover properly. And the watch is packed with over 100 different sports, including running and swimming. Get more out of your workouts and pick up the Polar Ignite Fitness Watch today for $230.

Purchase: $230