Point Line Vinyl Record Speaker

Hardcore vinyl enthusiasts know that the best way to get the ideal stereo is to select each individual piece yourself. Unfortunately, not everyone has the time or capital to build out a sound system. For some of us who still want to get our vinyl fix, an all-in-one player, while not perfect, is our best bet. And we’ve seen few quite as beautiful as the Point Line concept.

Designed to be an all-in-one turntable and speaker system for the modern, discerning consumer, this beautiful stand-alone device blows many others presently available options out of the water from a design standpoint. It features a unidirectional speaker wrapped in perforated metal, with its perfect geometry interrupted by an asymmetrical cutout in the lower third that houses all the moving bits you’d normally find on a turntable — including the spindle, cartridge housing, platter, etc. With its simple corner-mounted controls and frankly gorgeous appearance, this unique take on the all-in-one turntable is one we’d definitely like to see go into production.

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