The KingFisher Kayak Is A Modular Vessel For Adventurous Anglers

If you’re a serious angler, nothing beats fishing from the peaceful comfort of your own boat. However, standard boats are difficult to transport and are useless for spontaneous fishing trips. Thankfully, the modular Point 65 Sweden KingFisher Kayak was created for on-the-go fishing.

According to Point 65 Sweden, the KingFisher is the world’s wiser trimaran fishing kayak. Its patented modular design allows you to snap apart the two halves in seconds so it can fit in your car or even as checked-in luggage. You can use the Impulse Drive and pedal your way to the sweet spot in the water, drop in a motor in the aft deck to propel the boat forward, or use old-fashioned paddles to get you to your destination. In the kayak, you’ll find an adjustable Game Chair, plenty of rod parks, and two spacious storage hatches along with tons of attachment rails and bars. The fishing kayak is made from molded HTP plastics and is 100% recyclable. You can back The KingFisher Kayak now on Kickstarter for $2,200 and receive yours around August.

Kickstarter: $2,200