Podzook Backyard Office Pods

Aug 18, 2015

Category: Living

The Arhcipod was billed as an eco-friendly work pod, and people loved it. But there was one problem for us stateside residents – it was only being sold in the U.K. Thankfully Judy Bernier decided to do something about it, forming the Podzook for the U.S. market.

A huge fan of the original office pod, Bernier (who’s also a trained architect) teamed up with the Archipod’s inventor Chris Sneesby to create a pod for everyone in the U.S. and Canada. The brand has each one built in Maine using locally-sourced wood and sustainable materials, while the shingles are sourced from a small company just a few towns away from their facility. This type of assembly process shows just how important quality control is for the fledgeling company. The features remain intact from the top hinged gull-winged door and round windows to the dome skylight perched atop the pod, making it the perfect backyard office for anyone looking to get some work done outside of the traditional cubicle. [Purchase]

Podzook Backyard Office Pods 2

Podzook Backyard Office Pods 3

Podzook Backyard Office Pods 4

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